Award-winning Virtual Assistant Firm Helps Businesses get through Tough Times

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Award-winning Virtual
Assistant Firm Helps Businesses get through Tough Times

Many businesses are faced with the mounting
workloads in the midst of continued layoffs and hiring freezes. Firms are
running leaner than ever and remaining employees are often left responsible
for double the work, leading to decreased productivity and lower morale. To
tackle this challenge, many small businesses are turning to AskSunday —
a virtual assistant firm.

While many virtual assistant firms offer
support with only the most basic types of administrative tasks or are priced
too high, AskSunday’s Dedicated Assistant service delivers a truly dedicated
and skilled individual at a very attractive monthly fee. Employers also
understand that the cost savings go beyond salaries, as companies no longer
have to pay benefits or employee taxes, provide office equipment and
technical support, or even pay for lunch breaks.

According to Peter Gould, VP of Operations
at AskSunday, “Our Dedicated Assistants get to know the companies they
support and can be trained to take on a wide variety of specialized tasks.”
He added, “Our clients use their AskSunday assistants to perform a number of
critical activities to support the business, just as if they were a staff
employee. For small businesses, this can free up the principals to focus on
key strategic issues that will allow them to grow their businesses, not just
survive the current economic situation.”

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AskSunday Dedicated Assistants are helping hundreds of businesses with
a number of important ongoing tasks, such as lead generation and contact
information validation, social media management (updates on Twitter, Facebook,
 LinkedIn, etc.), Internet research and data collection, Excel spreadsheet data
analysis, initial screening interviews, PowerPoint presentation creation,
supplier identification and verification, voice and click-to-chat customer
service, phone answering and managing ongoing processes.

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at AskSunday. Enter SAVE10247 during sign up. Expires 9/30/10.

Here are some specific examples of tasks performed by AskSunday Dedicated

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Real Estate Agents use their AskSunday Dedicated Assistants to
research public records, follow up on and qualify leads, manage appointments
with clients and brokers, place advertisements, submit and update MLS
listings, update website content, and manage social media efforts.

Want to use Social Networking but don’t have the time? Use an 
affordable AskSunday Assistant to manage your social networks!

Insurance Agents and Financial Planners use their AskSunday Dedicated Assistants
to qualify new client leads, handle continuous
processes performed on a weekly and monthly basis, excel data entry and
analysis, coordinate and book travel plans or special events like
hospitality suite receptions, send invitations and maintain an RSVP list,
and maintain/manage all social media website accounts.

Your AskSunday Personal Assistant is AFFORDABLE!

eBay Sellers use their AskSunday Dedicated Assistants to manage
online postings, provide customer service support via voice, click-to-chat,
and email, and to process and fulfill orders.

An AskSunday dedicated virtual personal assistant will get to know your
working style, your needs, and how you want your work performed. Dedicated
Assistants will help you gain perspective and clarity by taking on-going
tasks off your to-do list so you can focus on the big picture.

Hiring your AskSunday Dedicated Assistant is a simple on-line process. First
you decide on the number of hours per month you’d like your Dedicated
Assistant to work for you — from 10 to 60 hours. Then enter your details
into AskSunday’s secure portal. Shortly thereafter, you’ll be called by an
AskSunday manager who will determine your specific needs and then match you
with a capable Dedicated Assistant.

Next, your new Dedicated Assistant will call to introduce themselves and to
get started on your first task for them. From then on, you can easily
contact your new “DA” via phone, email, text, IM etc. anytime between
10:30AM EST to 7:30PM EST. The productive working relationship that can be
built with an AskSunday Dedicated Personal Assistant can be invaluable to
long term success of your business.

To learn more or to sign up for your own AskSunday Dedicated Assistant click here.