Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Natural Look in Allure Magazine

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Allure Magazine September CoverAllure Magazine
Kim Kardashian reveals her natural beauty on the cover of Allure Magazine .  She says “make-up is my life” but the cover shows her with less make up and showing the real beauty of her face.
The photos are real nature and feminine.  In the article she talks about her sex tape and how it was not her most proud moment.  Her grooming routine and how she is obsessed with laser hair removal because of her Armenian background. 
She goes on to talk about her recent purchase of a $4 million dollar home and how it was out of her price range. 

Kim Kardashian 2011 Wall Calendar

Kim also gos on to talk about her religious upbringing and how she is a hard worker just like her father was. 

On her blog Kim has posted some additional photos of the shoot done by Michael Thompson and interview with Alexandra Jacobs.

Kim Kardashian 2011 Wall Calendar

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